Mary Tyler Moore Show, Episode 8, Season 1 

Outfit one

Event: helping Mary get ready to return to the news station in a snow storm

Consists of: dark brown knit turtleneck; medium brown pajama pants; orange hip-length vest

Outfit two

Event: helping Mary at the news station on election night

Consists of: pink and red paisley print blouse; black belt; red wraparound skirt with black trim; black romanesque strap high heels

Episode title: “The snow must go on”

Original airdateNovember 7, 1970

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Mary Tyler Moore Show, Episode 7, Season 1 

Outfit one

Event: coming down to Mary’s apartment to see how her date is going

Consists of: yellow knit sweater; dark blue jeans; brown slippers

Outfit two:

Event: having coffee while discussing the height difference between Mary and her date

Consists of: gray vertical ribbed turtleneck; dark gray striped slacks; mid-thigh length purple cardigan with white buttons

Outfit three

Event: talking with Mary’s date about his new book and their respective high school experiences

Consists of: brown v-neck long sleeve hip-length shirt; beige pajama pants; brown and beige wide choker 

Episode title: “Toulouse-Lautrec is one of my favorite artists”

Original airdateOctober 31, 1970

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Mary Tyler Moore Show, Episode 6, Season 1 

Outfit one

Event: Calling Mary to ask if her mother is in Mary’s apartment.

Consists of: navy blue and beige pattern scarf; light brown cardigan; black slacks; black shoes; gold earrings; medium length necklace; black top

Outfit two

Event: Designing a wedding window display at work

Consists of: red ribbon around her ponytail; blue vest; red and pink stripe long sleeve shirt; red slacks

Episode title: “Support your local mother”

Original airdateOctober 24, 1970

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Mary Tyler Moore Show, Episode 5, Season 1 

Outfit one

Event: having her hair put into curlers by Mary

Consists of: blue quilted housecoat with white trim and white buttons

Outfit two

Event: dinner at Mary’s apartment and listening to a tape recorded by a former football player Mary is trying to help

Consists of: orange vee-neck blouse with pointed collar; black belt; gray skirt; black tights; black shoes; cream knit sweater; chandelier earrings 

Outfit three

Event: comes into Mary’s apartment and ends up being cooked dinner by the football player Mary is helping

Consists of: black coat; black and blue stripe scarf; black pocketbook; lime green vertical ribbed short sleeve top; black slacks

Outfit four

Event: sitting in Mary’s apartment discussing career moves with Mary and the football player

Consists of: knit black, purple, yellow, green, red, and orange poncho; orange-red jumpsuit; black shoes and black tights (not pictured)

Outfit five

Event: listening to a taped update sent by the football player from his new life in Florida

Consists of: dark blue slacks, mustard yellow collar jacket with gold buttons

Episode title: “Keep your guard up”

Original air dateOctober 17, 1970

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Mary Tyler Moore Show, Episode 4, Season 1 

Outfit One

Event: exercising with Mary

Consists of: medium brown oversized sweatpants and sweatshirt; white socks

Outfit Two

Event: attending a meeting for divorced singles with Mary so that they can get a discounted rate on a trip to Paris

Consists of: red long-sleeve mini dress; black tights, black shoes; gold disc necklace; gold earrings; black purse.

Outfit three

Event: attending a second meeting of single divorced people with Mary

Consists of: dark blue paisley print dress; beige tights (not pictured); gold earrings; gold chain necklace 

Episode title: “Divorce isn’t easy”

Original AirdateOctober 10, 1970

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Mary Tyler Moore Show, Episode 3, Season 1 

Outfit One

Event: Waiting for Mary to return from work so they can go see a movie

Consists of: pink long sleeve shirt; dark blue jeans; white socks; white tennis shoes

Outfit Two

Event: Asking Mary for $40 so she can pay a fine for feeding a buffalo at the zoo during her lunch hour.

Consists of: dark green velour turtleneck; medium brown mini skirt; brown tights

Outfit Three

Event: Returning from a movie with Mary

Consists of: Print vee-neck shirt in orange, blue, and green; red slacks

Episode title: “Bess, you is my daughter now”

Original airdateOctober 3, 1970

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Mary Tyler Moore Show, Episode 2, Season 1 

Outfit One

Event: Having breakfast with Mary

Consists of: dark blue short sleeve shirt; dark blue slacks; beaded “Native America” necklace with star design in light blue, white, red, yellow, black, and green.

Outfit Two

Event: An evening gathering with Mary, Mary’s former boyfriend, and Mr. and Mrs. Armand Linton

Consists of: red patterned dress, gold hoop earrings

Episode title: “Today I am Ma’am”

Original airdateSeptember 26, 1970

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Mary Tyler Moore Show, Episode 1, Season 1 

Outfit One

Event: cleaning the outside of the windows of the apartment that she hopes to rent before Mary arrives and rents it instead. 

Rhoda s1ep1 windows coat

Consists of: dark blue hat; brown, dark blue, light blue scarf; dark blue jeans; brown winter coat

Outfit Two:

Event: Hiring a locksmith to break into Mary’s apartment in a last ditch effort to claim the place for herself.

Rhoda s1ep1 locksmith

Consists of: Striped dark red and blue short sleeved shirt; dark blue jeans

Outfit Three:

Event: Coming down to Mary’s apartment to tell her she heard through the heating vent about her refusing to get back together with an ex-boyfriend.

Consists of: Yellow blouse; black slacks

Episode Title: “Love is all around”

Original AirdateSeptember 19, 1970

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